Mister Twister's New Logo

How Can a New Logo Help You Catch More Fish?

How Can a New Logo Help You Catch More Fish?

For over four decades, Mister Twister® has been a leader in the soft plastic fishing lure business. Today, Mister Twister® is proud to unveil a modern logo that will represent the future of the company and uphold the history of the iconic brand and family of products.

“The Mister Twister® Curly Tail® Grub silhouette in our logo has been, and will continue to be, an icon for fishing. We recognize the heritage behind the original logo so our goal was to connect to the past but also include elements of an evolution,” said Mister Twister® General Manager, Chuck Byrd. “Think of it this way–this logo represents our company’s renewed excitement about our products and our dedication to innovation. It’s about continuous improvement and striving to be the best we can be. In the end, producing the best products increases our customer’s chances to catch more fish!”

“While we’ve never lost sight of them, we really want to re-focus and re-connect with the bass fishing men and women in our sport. Our new logo depicts the excitement we feel for this growing, evolving segment of the industry,” explained National Sales Manager, Darryl Laurent. “I can’t wait for everyone to see the great new products we’ve got coming out this year!”

The new logos include the iconic Curly Tail® Grub silhouette and original lime-green and yellow colors, along with a new, bold, dynamic font that includes a Curly Tail® Grub cutout at the top of each capital-I. In addition, the Curly Tail® Grub icon will be used as a stand-alone representation of the brand. All the logos and marks were created in a way to help keep a consistent look for Mister Twister® in print, packaging, displays and apparel.

“Logos are the foundation of a company’s brand identity. Our goal was to design logos that would create awareness, represent our past and our future, and resonate with our customers,” said Mister Twister® Communications Director, Kurt Mazurek. “As an enthusiast of the history of this sport, and specifically this brand, I wanted to make sure any changes we made stayed true to the company’s foundation. The new family of logos allows us to maintain the integrity of this historic company, while giving us an update that matches our enthusiasm for the future.”

To see the entire lineup of Mister Twister® products, or receive a current Mister Twister® Tackle Catalog, visit our web site at www.mistertwister.com or call 800-344-6331. Mister Twister, PO Drawer 1152, Minden, LA 71058-1152.

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"I recently ordered few packs of the Exude® Fan Tail Shrimp… Two weeks later my partner and I took home a first place finish at the Louisiana Saltwater Series Redfish Tournament. What an incredible lure, its compact, which allows the fish to inhale it easily, and those little legs really sell it to a weary redfish."

— Chris Kennedy & Steven Hooter

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