Mister Twister® BUZZ Bug

Mister Twister® BUZZ Bug – A Swim Craw BUZZing With Action

Okeechobe Craw BUZZ Bug Minden, LA - Add the Mister Twister® BUZZ Bug to your bass fishing arsenal. Mister Twister®’s 4″ BUZZ Bug is a versatile swim craw that provides maximum action and vibration making it an excellent choice skirted lures, Mister Twister® Keeper™ hooks or as a trailer.

The BUZZ Bug’s tough, thick body makes it ideal for punching and flipping with extra-wide gap hooks. Its extra-long craws extend beyond skirted lures to provide a consistent swimming action on a steady retrieve or when fished fast.

It can also be Carolina rigged and works well Texas rigged on a weightless Mister Twister® Keeper™ Hook for a free-falling action imitating a wounded crawfish.

“The BUZZ Bug has quickly become one of my go-to baits,” says Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Clent Davis. “Whether it’s swimming it through grass or pulling it behind a jig in 20 feet of water, I know it’s going to get the job done!”

Mister Twister®’s 4″ BUZZ Bug is available in 19 fish-catching colors, including four laminate colors, selected by our Pro Team members. View the new Mister Twister® BUZZ Bug at mistertwister.com/buzz-bug.

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