Exude® Shrimp

Exude® Shrimp Mimics The Real Thing

Exude® Shrimp

Rigged on a saltwater jig head or single weedless hook, the Exude® Shrimp mimics an escaping shrimp. A quick popping retrieve provides great tail action, while the Exude® Shrimp's undulating legs, make it irresistible to redfish, trout, snook and flounder.

Exude® is the most powerful saltwater scent releasing system ever developed for soft plastic lures. Every Exude® lure explodes when it hits the water, oozing a slime coating of scents, minerals, proteins and amino acids. So, the Shrimp, like all Exude® lures has both a supreme feel and texture. Big fish grab on and won’t let go.

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