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Web Special - Kits for only $4.99 each!

Four exciting Mister Twister® kits featuring the VIE Shiner™, Tri-Alive™ Curly Tail®, and Mister Twister's spotted lures. All in proven colors.

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Bargain Bin

Bargain Bin

Don't miss our bargain bin of deeply discounted Mister Twister® products!

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New Product

Mister Twister® Jerk Rat™

The unique profile and action of the Jerk Rat™ make it perfect for pulling big bass out of heavy cover.

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"Today I caught a Musky with a 3 inch Pumpkin/Orange & Black Flake (Crawfish) G-Grub® off a wooden bridge. Good Bait!!!!"

— Barton - Bemidji Lake, Minnesota

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