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7" RT Slug Thumbnail BigySmal Crawfish Thumbnail BigySmal Meatloaf Shad Thumbnail Crappie Jig Thumbnail
7" RT Slug BigySmal Crawfish BigySmal Meatloaf Shad Crappie Jig
Double Tail Thumbnail Exude Trout Worm Thumbnail Eyelet Sinker Thumbnail EZ-Scaler Thumbnail
Double Tail Exude Trout Worm Eyelet Sinker EZ-Scaler
Flip'n Out Thumbnail G-Grub Thumbnail Hang 10 Thumbnail Keeper Kahle Hook Thumbnail
Flip'n Out G-Grub Hang 10 Keeper Kahle Hook
Live Bait Hook Thumbnail Maribou Jig Thumbnail Poc'It Craw Thumbnail Poc'It Phenom Thumbnail
Live Bait Hook Maribou Jig Poc'It Craw Poc'It Phenom
Poc'It Shake'R Thumbnail Saltwater Sassy Shad Thumbnail Sassy Shad Thumbnail Striper Bucktail Jig Thumbnail
Poc'It Shake'R Saltwater Sassy Shad Sassy Shad Striper Bucktail Jig
Weighted Keeper Hook Thumbnail    
Weighted Keeper Hook      

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Exude® Shrimp

"These shrimp lures never stop amazing me. If I had to be stuck fishing one type of lure for the rest of my life the Exude® shrimp in natural, and golden bream would be it!"

— Alan - Miami, Florida

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