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Before 1972, plastic fishing lures were stiff worms or grubs with little or no action. Mister Twister® changed all that with the creation of the very first soft plastic fishing lure, the Curly Tail® Grub. Often imitated but never equalled, Mister Twister® continues to lead the fishing lure industry with innovative new lure concepts and unmatched product quality. Rig a Mister Twister® Soft Plastic lure, and be prepared to catch any fish that swims!

BUZZ Bug Thumbnail Comida Thumbnail Curly Tail® Grubs Thumbnail Double & Split Double Tails Thumbnail
BUZZ Bug NEW Comida Curly Tail® Grubs Double & Split Double Tails
Exude™ / Exude™ Saltwater Lures Thumbnail Flip'n OUT™ Thumbnail G-Grub® & Sassy Grub® Thumbnail HANG 10!™ Thumbnail
Exude™ / Exude™ Saltwater Lures Flip'n OUT™ G-Grub® & Sassy Grub® HANG 10!™
Hawg Frawg® Thumbnail Jerk Rat™ Thumbnail Magnum SinSation Thumbnail Micro Mania™ Thumbnail
Hawg Frawg®
Now with a Pattern
Jerk Rat™ Magnum SinSation Micro Mania™
6" Phenom® Worm Thumbnail Poc'it® Craw Thumbnail Poc'it® Fry Thumbnail Poc'it® Hawg Raiser Thumbnail
6" Phenom® Worm Poc'it® Craw Poc'it® Fry Poc'it® Hawg Raiser
Poc'it® Paddle Tail® Thumbnail Poc'it® Phenom® Thumbnail Poc'it® Shake'R Thumbnail Sassy Shad® Thumbnail
Poc'it® Paddle Tail® Poc'it® Phenom® Poc'it® Shake'R Sassy Shad®
6" Super Lizard™ Thumbnail SwimSation Thumbnail Top Prop® Thumbnail Tri-Color Mini Tube Thumbnail
6" Super Lizard™
Now with Spots
SwimSation Top Prop® Tri-Color Mini Tube
TwisterMite Thumbnail VIE Shiner™ Thumbnail   
TwisterMite VIE Shiner™    

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Exude® RT Slug

"I just wanted to say what a great line up you have for saltwater fishing. I recently ordered few packs of the Exude® RT Slug… One day after my purchase arrived I participated in a small club redfish tournament here in Louisiana and finished in 1st place thanks to the Exude® RT Slug."

— Chris Kennedy & Steven Hooter

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