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Rigging Soft Plastic Lures

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Rigging Soft Plastic Lures

Drop Shot Rig - The drop-shot rig is very popular because drop shot fishing works schools of fish holding tight to structure. It also works very well when you're fishing for suspended fish. To rig, attach your hook to your line with a Palomar knot leaving an extra long tag end to attach a drop shot weight. Nose-hook your offering for maximum action, or Texas Rig it for a weedless presentation. A lure with a subtle action like the Mister Twister® Comida is perfect for lethargic fish that need to be coaxed into striking. Because of the lightweight terminal tackle used in this presentation, a medium-light spinning rod and reel combo is recommended.

Rigging Soft Plastic Lures

Texas Rig - Bass fishermen have been rigging their worms Texas style ever since the introduction of the soft-plastic worm, the Texas rig is a "go-to" presentation for working any structure-oriented fish. Pitching it in stump fields, working it through the weeds, casting it along a ledge, or working over a point or hump are all areas where the Texas rig shines. The Mister Twister® Phenom® Worm is a top-producer. Rig the worm with a Mister Twister® Keeper™ Worm Hook, then slide a bullet weight onto your line before tying it to your hook. The bullet weight rests on the head of the Phenom® to keep it on the bottom, but it slides up the line to reduce weight when the worm is picked-up by a fish. This gives the fisherman more time to set the hook. Select a graphite casting rod with a fast tip. This is crucial for a good hookset.

Rigging Soft Plastic Lures

Carolina Rig - The Carolina Rig is perfect for covering a lot of water while locating brush piles, rocks and other bottom structure. It is also ideal for fishing large contours like bays or points while searching for specific spots where fish are holding. Bulky lures with a slow action are excellent producers when rigged Carolina style. Lizards are preferred by many pro anglers. The Mister Twister® Super Lizard™ rigged on a Mister Twister® Keeper™ Hook is a favorite. Use a high speed casting reel with a Carolina Rig. This is needed because a lot of slack line must to be spooled before the hookset. A long medium-heavy rod provides the sweeping hookset needed to drive the hook home.

Rigging Soft Plastic Lures

Jerkbait Rig - Soft plastic jerkbait rigging is a good alternative to working hard-plastic jerkbaits when you are tossing a lure into grass beds and thick cover. Soft jerkbaits like the Mister Twister® Exude® RT Slug give you all the weedless benefits of a soft plastic lure with an erratic darting motion that's great for both surface and sub-surface work. You also get that unequaled Exude® scent trail. The Mister Twister® Keeper™ Kahle Hook provides the added strength to muscle fish out of heavy cover. It also acts as a keel to keep the lure tracking upright. Use a high-speed baitcasting reel and a heavy-action rod with a fast tip. You need this to take up the slack created on the twitch. It must be taken up quickly to assure a clean hookset.

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