FAT Tube

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FAT Tube

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Need a jighead? FAT Tube Jigheads are available too.

FAT Tube Details


Fishing the Mister Twister® FAT Tube - Experienced tube fishermen know tube fishing is better with the 4" FAT Tube from Mister Twister®. It's fatter, thicker body and longer, thicker tentacles allow the FAT Tube to fall slowly with plenty of tail action, making it one of the most effective slow fall, slow presentation baits you'll find anywhere. Rigged on a FAT Tube Jighead, it is absolutely deadly on big bass.

Fish Species

The Exude®+ Extreme FAT Tube with Micro-salt is perfect for these fish

Largemouth BassSmallmouth BassWalleye

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Exude® RT Slug

"I just wanted to say what a great line up you have for saltwater fishing. I recently ordered few packs of the Exude® RT Slug… One day after my purchase arrived I participated in a small club redfish tournament here in Louisiana and finished in 1st place thanks to the Exude® RT Slug."

— Chris Kennedy & Steven Hooter

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