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Flip'n OUT™

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8/resealable bag
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The Mister Twister® Flip’n OUT is one great flip’n bait! But it’s also a great pitch’n bait...and a great punch’n bait… and great Carolina rig bait… and great jig trailer… It’s just a great bait in so many ways!

The Flip’n OUT features a soft, but sturdy, compact, ribbed, solid body and paddle appendages which create maximum water displacement to help bass find this easy meal, even in the thickest cover. Plus, the two longer claw-like paddles and Mister Twister® Curly Tail® legs generate a lifelike, fleeing motion that big predators can’t resist. Then, factor in the body’s recessed centerline for perfect hook placement, the detailed, textured surfaces and 16 fish-catching colors and it becomes obvious that this is one great flip’n bait.


Reviewer:SANDY GAUDET (Belle Rose, Louisiana)
Fish Caught:Bass, Largemouth
I have been using Mister Twister Products for quite awhile now! They have all been productive for me in my tournaments around the country!The NEW Flip'n Out can be used Texas rigged or for punching matted grass. If you are just thinking about using Mister Twister Prouducts YOU ARE MISSING OUT on catching FISH!!!!GO get some.

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