Floating Jigheads

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Floating Jigheads

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Our floating jigheads are ideal for suspended fish. Like our round jigheads, they are very easy to rig. Mister Twister® floating jigheads make the perfect walleye rig.


Reviewer:TC (Susquehanna River (Conowingo Pool), Maryland)
Fish Caught:Walleye
The floating jighead is one of the best kept secrets in fishing..I have literally caught just about every species of freshwater fish on these bad boys at one time or another...put your splitshot(s) a foot or so up the line from the jighead and depending on your bait (Nightcrawlers, minnows, leeches) and depth you can literally catch any type of fish with a simple setup...no need to "jig" since the current of the water and the movement of the bait does the work for you....great product.
Reviewer:Tony Reinke (Sandusky, Michigan)
Floating jigheads work great for Maumee River Walleye. I prefer the colors, white or pink with a matching color Twister Tail. The spring of 2006 was very successful for myself as I netted 45 walleye in 6 weeks of fishing!

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