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Exude Cigar Mino Exude Curly Tail Grubs Exude D.A.R.T. Exude Fan Tail Shrimp
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Exude Roe Exude RT Slug Exude Shrimp Exude Trout Worm

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Mister Twister & Exude Soft Plastic Lure Designs

Redfish caught on an Exude DART

At Mister Twister we've known for a long time if we want our lures to catch fish, those lures must stimulate the sensory mechanisms in fish. Successful soft plastic lure designs target every sensory hot point, so, while all Mister Twister lures have great action & vibration, our Exude lures also include unequaled scent release, flavor & texture. All soft plastic lures are imitators, and - as such - must have the right look and feel. Cosmetics are very important, so all of our lures are designed to look and feel like the real thing. In other words, fish see them as food.

Let's look at muddy water. Fish in muddy water rely on scent and vibration to locate food. Fishing muddy water with ordinary lures can prove fruitless. Fishing Exude in muddy water, however, can produce a bite that's non-stop. Fish in clear water, on the other hand, can see a lure. The right texture tells the fish it's food. Scent and vibration are not as important here, but - depending on the conditions - all of the features we design into every Mister Twiser or Exude lure play a key role in getting bites.

It's been suggested that pheromones play a key role, but they only come into play when fish are searching for food. Placing pheromones in lures is therefor less effective than actually providing a scent-based release system that will let the fish know, this is food... let's feed. Exude by Mister Twister is a scent-based release formulation along with state of the art natural prey design, so every Exude lure offers scent, vibration and texture second to none.

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Exude Shrimp

"These shrimp lures never stop amazing me. If I had to be stuck fishing one type of lure for the rest of my life the exude shrimp in natural, and golden bream would be it!"

— Alan - Miami, Florida

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