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1 ¾" Sassy Shad

1 &frac34" Sassy Shad

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Shad is the one bait fish almost all fish seek as a food source. The original Mister Twister Sassy Shad® is the closest imitation of this classic bait fish you'll find anywhere. The Sassy Shad® will out produce any other shad-type lures. It's classic tail design and supple body give the Sassy Shad® the natural shad action fish can't resist.

Mister Twister®'s 1 3/4" Sassy Shad® is perfect for all species of panfish including yellow perch. It's also an excellent lure choice for crappie or stream trout. Rig it with a 1/16 oz., 1/24 oz., or 1/32 oz. jighead.


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1 ¾" Sassy Shad

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