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2" Hot Curly Tail Thumbnail
2" Hot Curly Tail
3" HAWG FRAWG Thumbnail
4" Flip'n Out Thumbnail
4" Flip'n Out
4.5" POC'IT FRY Thumbnail
5" Comida Thumbnail
5" Comida
5" Exude RT Slug Thumbnail
5" Exude RT Slug
5" Fat Curly Tail Thumbnail
5" Fat Curly Tail
5" Magnum SinSation Thumbnail
5" Magnum SinSation
5" Poc'it Hawg Raiser Thumbnail
5" Poc'it Hawg Raiser
6" Twister Tail Thumbnail
6" Twister Tail
6.5" Tri- Alive Nightcrawler Thumbnail
6.5" Tri- Alive Nightcrawler
Buzz Bug Thumbnail
Buzz Bug
Exude  Fan Tail Shrimp Thumbnail
Exude Fan Tail Shrimp
Exude D.A.R.T. Thumbnail
Exude D.A.R.T.
Exude Shrimp Thumbnail
Exude Shrimp
Lil' Bit Thumbnail
Lil' Bit
Poc'It Craw Thumbnail
Poc'It Craw
Stinger Hook Thumbnail
Stinger Hook
Twister Mite Thumbnail
Twister Mite
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