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Fishing Lures

Before 1972, plastic fishing lures were stiff worms or grubs with little or no action. Mister Twister® changed all that with the creation of the very first soft plastic fishing lure, the Curly Tail® Grub. Often imitated but never equalled, Mister Twister® continues to lead the fishing lure industry with innovative new lure concepts and unmatched product quality. Rig a Mister Twister® Soft Plastic lure, and be prepared to catch any fish that swims!

4" Ringworm Thumbnail
4" Ringworm NEW
5" Comida Thumbnail
5" Comida
4" BUZZ Bug Thumbnail
4" BUZZ Bug
Double & Split Double Tails Thumbnail
Double & Split Double Tails
Curly Tail® Grubs Thumbnail
Curly Tail® Grubs
Exude™ / Exude™ Saltwater Lures Thumbnail
Exude™ / Exude™ Saltwater Lures
4" Flip'n OUT™ Thumbnail
4" Flip'n OUT™
10" HANG 10!™ Thumbnail
10" HANG 10!™
3" & 4" Hawg Frawg® Thumbnail
3" & 4" Hawg Frawg®
Mag 12" BUZZ Worm Thumbnail
Mag 12" BUZZ Worm
5" Magnum SinSation Thumbnail
5" Magnum SinSation
Micro Mania™ Thumbnail
Micro Mania™
6" Phenom® Worm Thumbnail
6" Phenom® Worm
3½" & 4½" Platinum Curly Tail® Thumbnail
3½" & 4½" Platinum Curly Tail®
3½" Poc'it® Craw Thumbnail
3½" Poc'it® Craw
4½" Poc'it® Fry Thumbnail
4½" Poc'it® Fry
5" Poc'it® Hawg Raiser Thumbnail
5" Poc'it® Hawg Raiser
5" Poc'it® Phenom® Thumbnail
5" Poc'it® Phenom®
Sassy Shad® Thumbnail
Sassy Shad®
6" Super Lizard™ Thumbnail
6" Super Lizard™
Top Prop® Thumbnail
Top Prop®
6½" Tri-Alive® Nightcrawler Thumbnail
6½" Tri-Alive® Nightcrawler
1½" Tri-Color Mini Tube Thumbnail
1½" Tri-Color Mini Tube
2¾" TwisterMite Thumbnail
2¾" TwisterMite
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