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2" Tri-Alive™ Hot Curly Tail®

2" Tri-Alive™ Hot Curly Tail®

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Mister Twister®'s Tri-Alive™ 2" Hot Curly Tail® produces natural baitfish profile with great tail action. In addition, the Tri-Alive™ color patterns provide a natural baitfish contrast by offering three distinct color laminations. Color contrast needed by pros and guides in the crappie circuit. And who better at three color laminations than Mister Twister® the original Tri-Alive™ custom color originator. Color contrast for sight stimuls, and extreme tail action to enhance vibration, a deadly combination for panfishing.



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Fish Species

The FAT Curly Tail® is perfect for these fish

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Smallmouth Bass
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Largemouth Bass
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Northern Pike

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2" Tri-Alive™ Hot Curly Tail®

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