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3" & 4" Hawg Frawg®

3" & 4" Hawg Frawg®

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Fishing the Mister Twister® Hawg Frawg® - Mister Twister®'s Hawg Frawg® is "No Ordinary Toad." It's loaded with features. Oversized legs break the surface tension creating added water movement that significantly enhances the top water bite. In addition, all Hawg Frawgs® feature real 3D eyes. Hawg Frawgs® come in a wide variety of colors proven to catch big bass. They can be rigged weedless on a Mister Twister® Keeper™ Hook, or fished on a jig. This lure has been a staple with fishermen for over 30 years. Hawg Frawgs® cast easily with or without weight. Two sizes… 3" & 4".


Gary Phillips – Mercer, Pennsylvania

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

Best frog in the business! Black 3 inch is my favorite color.

Erica Allen – Bass River Stste Forest , Nj, New Jersey

Fish Caught: Pickerel

I caught a nice fat 22" pickerel with a old black hawg frog i found in my husbands bag. Been using them since. Bass love them too! Just ordered more!

Hugo Ray – Singapore Singapore

I love these baits!
Caught so many snakehead here in singapore and even peacocks will hit this thing.
The legs really create commotion and has great action for a soft plastic frog. This must be one of the best and my favorite. And its extremely durable as well.
Out of 5 im giving it a 5 because of amazing action, durability, and colors

Rob McCarty – Farm Ponds, Viola, Arkansas

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

In the past 20 years I have caught over 100 bass in excess of 7.5 pounds. The largest being over 13 pounds. I have always used the 3-inch black/chartrueseHAWG FRAWG on a jig head. It can be run on the surface or counted down. The leg action of this frog is unmatched by any other. This may possibly be the best shallow water lure ever created. THANK YOU MISTER TWISTER!!!

Joshua R. Hollar – Fayetteville, North Carolina

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

My father and I were in Colorado, and we noticed the Mister Twister Hawg Frawg in a local bait & tackle shop. We purchased several and headed to a nice looking fishing hole, rumored to hold nice sized northern pike. On my first cast, the water exploded at the edge of a weed bed! I caught so many fish, I never leave home without my Hawg Frawgs!!
This bait really works!!!

Alex – Orleans Canada

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I stopped in at a local fishing store and noticed the Mister Twister Hawg Frawg and decided to make my dad purchase me 3 of them. He was agaisnt it but I insisted. So later we went fishing and my dad told me to use that frog, so I put it on and cast it out and BAM caught myself a nice bass (small but nice :D). We were leaving so I decided to troll the frog just for kicks and 15 seconds later BAM, another decent bass. Later that day I decided to fish off my dock and a few minutes in BAM, another nice bass. I love this lure/bait and everyone else out there that likes to catch bass quickley and efficiently should try it. :D :)

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3" & 4" Hawg Frawg®

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