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3" Tri-Com Meeny

3" Tri-Com Meeny

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The original Mister Twister 3" Curly Tail has been a mainstay in the fishing world for decades, but now they are being offered with an innovative new twist, the Tri-Com Color Series. Available in many colors, the all new Mister Twister Tri-Com Color Series features a three-color lamination in the injection process that creates a much more distinct color variation to better match the bait fish that predator fish are feeding on. The Tri-Com Series still has the same great action as the Original Curly Tail, but with a more improved life-like color scheme. No more painting or spraying is necessary, thanks to the all-new Tri-Com Series by Mister Twister.


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Fish Species

Smallmouth Bass Thumbnail
Smallmouth Bass
Largemouth Bass Thumbnail
Largemouth Bass
Northern Pike Thumbnail
Northern Pike
Rock Bass / Google-Eye Thumbnail
Rock Bass / Google-Eye
White Bass Thumbnail
White Bass
Sauger Thumbnail
Walleye Thumbnail
Perch Thumbnail
Crappie Thumbnail

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3" Tri-Com Meeny

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