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4½" Poc'it® Fry

4½" Poc'it® Fry

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Sight and vibration are essential for catching bass. Mister Twister®'s Poc'it® Fry traps air in pockets. Bubbles are released during the retrieve increasing, both action and vibration.

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Luke Cole – Green Lake In Caledonia Michigan, Michigan

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Rock - Bass, Smallmouth

I cut this in half and use it for a ned rig with the 3/32 oz. Mule Jig, and it is the best plastic I've ever used on a ned rig. I haven't used it this way yet but it would go great on a wacky rig or Texas rig. The air pockets give you a very unique presentation that is absolutly worth it.

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4½" Poc'it® Fry

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