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6½" Tri-Alive® Nightcrawler

6½" Tri-Alive® Nightcrawler

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Rigged Tri-Alive Nightcrawler

Mister Twister’s 6 1/2" Tri-Alive® Nightcrawler is a straight tail worm with a slender profile and soft formulation for intense action. Its gliding movement on the fall offers a superior wacky rig presentation. It is excellent for both pre and post spawn conditions. It comes in 15, three-layer color combinations.

Fish the 6 1/2" Tri-Alive® Nightcrawler for both pre and post-spawn bass, or when fish are suspended in tight cover. It is exceptional for wacky rigging, Carolina rigging, Texas rigging and makes for outstanding Shakey Head and Drop Shot presentations. Also, a great worm for your walleye harness rigs!

“You know it’s a great worm when you can catch a 4-pound post-spawn bass in 10 feet of water with it. Awesome new colors!”

    – Twister Team Member Mike Cork


Jay Mac – Sam Rayburn, Texas

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

These worms are unbelievable on a drop shot set up. I have been slaying the bass on these worms for the last 2 months. I bought all they had at tackle attic so now I am ordering directly from the site so I can keep fishing them.

Lauren Pulaski – Crystal Lake, Illinois

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I used to use all kinds of hard baits and I decided to try give these worms a try. I am a huge fan of Mepps and my Comet Combo came with a Mister Twister worm, so that is how I got introduced... THESE WORMS ARE A GREAT PRODUCT! I haven't caught as many largemouth bass on any other bait. I highly recommend to anyone! Take my word for it. I seem to catch most with the color Ayu-Ayu. Good Luck :)

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6½" Tri-Alive® Nightcrawler

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