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Exude® 2½" Fan Tail Shrimp

Exude® 2½" Fan Tail Shrimp

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Fishing the Exude® 2 1/2” Fan Tail Shrimp - The Exude® 2 1/2” Fan Tail Shrimp from Mister Twister® presents a small profile while sporting lots of leg action. Its fan tail also “flips” during presentation to imitate the natural swimming action of a live shrimp. In addition the tail includes a rattle chamber (rattle not included) that not only produces fish-attracting sound, but it adds weight to the tail resulting in enhanced motion. Rig it on a Mister Twister® Saltwater Jighead and, depending on the speed of your retrieve, you will be able to fish it at virtually any depth. The key to effective artificial shrimp presentations is tail action and sound. The Exude® Fan Tail Shrimp not only has both, but its Exude® formulation begins releasing scent as soon as the lure hits the water. Action, size, sound, colors and scent release. Mister Twister®'s 2 1/2" Exude® Fan Tail Shrimp has it all.

Exude® - Drop any Exude® lure in water, pull it out and feel it. It’s slimy... just like a bait fish. That slime coat is the Exude® process. It’s releasing a scent trail in the water. While the Exude® formula is complex, the concept is simple. Exude® lures are made with fish food. That’s right... fish food. As if making Exude® lures from fish food wasn’t enough, Mister Twister® further distinguished Exude® lures by seeing to it they began releasing this food as soon as they entered the water. This scent trail represents a huge breakthrough in fishing tackle technology. In fact, it has defined the next generation of soft plastic lures.


Capt. Sean O'Connell – Delacroix, Louisiana

Fish Caught: Redfish

This bait is a great sight casting and popping cork bait for Redfish and Speckle trout! It makes the finickiest of fish eat.
It was a key role player in My partner and I winning the Ht Series Redfish cup 2012 Chalemette event.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Sean O'Connell

Ray Stansberry – Titusville, Florida

Fish Caught: Redfish - Trout, Sea/Speckled - Snook

I have been on the EXUDE pro staff since 2000 and never before have I had a soft plastic bait that is so versatile in the many ways it can be used. It can be rigged weed-less, on a jighead, with or without a rattle, back-weighted for a very slow, fluttering fall. A great search bait or a superior soft plastic when you can see the fish.

I predominately sight-fish my primary prey,...Redfish. The Fantail Shrimp has fooled some many fish, it is now my # 1 "go-to" soft plastic!

Edward Rice – Jackson, Michigan

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I tested the Fan Tail Shrimp on a number of small natural lakes in my area, I fished them as I would a jig & pig mostly on the bottom in weedbeds in 6-10 ft of water. I caught a largemouth bass on each and every lake that I tried. The largest was 19 1/2 inches and about 4 lbs. So in my opinion, for a saltwater lure to work that well this far north, you must be doing something very right. I'd like to add that I'm a long time fan and customer since the early 1970's. Your Sassy Shad, pearl w/black back in all sizes has been a main producer for a lot of years for me. Thank you for many fish dinners.

Captain Mark Wright – Indian River Lagoon, Titusville, Florida

Fish Caught: Redfish

I recieved a few samples of the new Fan Tail from the Home Office to field test and, boy, was I impressed!

My first cast at a pod of finger mullet and an unidentified fish stripped the Fan Tail from my hook. I quickly re-baited another Golden Bream FT Shrimp on the 3/0 keeper hook and waited patiently for the school of reds to work their way into second cast was perfectly placed on the lead fish, one twitch...Bam, fish on! 29 inches and nearly 9 pounds. 8-25-07

I see a bright future ahead for this bait! Capt. Mark Wright

Paul Chavis – Tallahassee, Florida

Fish Caught: Redfish

I fish the Oberto Redfish Cup tournaments; we had a tournament this weekend in St Augustine FL. I am friends with Bob Morris out of Jacksonville FL. You had sent him a new product he called the Fan Tail Shrimp. On day one we had thrown everything in the boat at tailing redfish with only catching 1 fish out of 30. We then watched Bob Morris pull in make 2 casts and catch 2 fish. I spoke with Bob Morris at the dock on morning of Day 2, he old me he had just received a new bait in mail form you and that was what he was using. He gave me few to try. We went 7 for 8 with the new Fan Tail Shrimp on day 2. This placed us 7th in the tournament, somewhere between 5th and 7th overall for the year, and put us in the Championship. I do not believe we could have done this without Bob’s help and the new product. Our championship is September 22nd, is there any way we can get this new product before the tournament.


Paul Chavis

Blaine Peterson – Neptune Beach, Florida

Fish Caught: Redfish

It was very ironic to receive a fan tail shrimp sample from you today. The irony is that I just fished the final Redfish Cup event with my partner in St Augustine over the holiday weekend, we were in a good shape before the tourney to qualify for the championship, but needed a solid finish. We had a marginal day one, and hung about 9lbs on the scale. We had flood tides during the tourney, and were on a good amount of fish tailing in the grass, but struggled to get allot of bites, on numerous presentations. On day 2 in the morning, I ran into a friend of mine, Bob Morris, who was fishing in the same general area, but he was using the fan tail shrimp with the rattles and was having some pretty good success with the bait, he hooked us up with a few baits that he had extra for that day. Once the tide got up, we headed to the same area that we had some success the day before, but allot of refusals as well. With your bait it was a completely different ball game, we ended up culling through quite a few fish, and had a great limit for the day. We ended up finishing 7th for the event, and around 6th or 7th in the standings for the eastern division. We are headed to the Championship!! The shrimp looks great and has excellent action. I can't wait to see it in Golden Bream. I owe Bob a bunch!


Craig Etheredge – Pensacola, Florida

Fish Caught: Redfish

Let me start by saying WOW! I have been rigging creature baits with rattles for pitching docks and targeting tailing redfish for the last 3 years! This new bait is awesome! I have been prefishing for the Oh Boy! Oberto! Redfish Cup Championship in Pensacola and this bait has been outfishing every other shrimp when pitching docks. It is my hypothesis that the small size (2 ½ inch) and the rattles really set it apart. I am fishing the Championship on 9/21 and 9/22 and will definitely be fishing this product for this event.

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