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Super Top Prop®

Super Top Prop®

Stock #: MTP2 MBF


Price: $21.54

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Fishing the Super Top Prop® - Like the Weedless Super Top Prop®, Mister Twister®'s Super Top Props® are ideal for all trophy game fish but they really excel as surface lures for big musky and trophy northern pike. Super Top Props® can be cast or trolled. Knowledgable Bucktail fishermen will appreciate the fact the Super Top features genuine Mepps hand-tied or tandem bucktails in a variety of vivid colors. Super Top Props®, like all of the lures in the Mister Twister® Prop Series are extremely rugged and feature bodies that are virtually indestructible.


Austin – Devils Lake, Minnesota

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

Biggest Largemouth Bass I ever caught was on a Super Top Prop, I was originally fishing for a big Muskie that day but pulled out quite a lunker. It helped I was able to throw it through weeds without worrying about a mess on my hooks. Thanks Mister Twister

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Super Top Prop®

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