Joey’s 11/30/-1 Redfish

Photo of Joey’s 11/30/-1 Redfish
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Fish Information

Fish: Redfish

Size: 22"

Lure Information


Size: 5

Color: Watermelon

Angler Information

Angler: Joey Palmeri

From: Delray Beach

Country: Argentina

My Story

Me and my buddy were fishing a nice row of docks with grass flats out in front of them one cool February morning and I pitched my Mister Twister RT Slug about 10 feet off from the dock , let it sink, twitch, twitch and bamm a nice red hit and gave me an awesome fight with the cold water. I caught 9 more reds that day and 10 trout, the fish can't resist it. Thanks

Catch Information

Caught at: Charlotte Harbor


Country: Argentina

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