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Pike Caught by Edward with Mister Twister 3" Meeny™ in Michigan

Photo of Pike Caught by Edward with Mister Twister 3
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Fish Information

Fish: Pike, Northern

Size: 37 Inches 12 1/2 Lbs

Lure Information

Lure: 3" Meeny™

Size: 3 Inch

Color: Green

Angler Information

Angler: Edward Vander Loon

From: Caledonia

Country: United States

My Story

Me and my son Nick took our neighbors pontoon boat out for a test ride before we took his boat out of the water for the winter like we do every year. My son last minute said wait, Let me grab a couple of poles first. We were already set up with Mister Twisters because its our favorite lures, so it didn't take long to have them in the water. This Northern hit my twister and took it straight to the bottom. I had no idea what it was but knew it was a monster. All I could think was I didn't have a steel leader on and we had no net so I didn't know how we were going to get it in the boat. After about 10 minutes of fighting it I was able to see what it was. A neighbor heard all the ruckus and offered us any help. We asked for a net so he brought one to us. The net wasn't big enough but we managed to get the ring part under the pike and fling him into the boat. When the pike hit the floor of the boat he spit the hook but it was too late because we already had him! I love my Mister twisters!

Catch Information

Caught at: Caledonia

State: Michigan

Country: United States

Caught On: Tuesday October 18, 2011

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