Exude® RT Slug

Exude® RT Slug Imitates An Injured Shad

Exude® RT Slug

The Exude® RT Slug from Mister Twister® features a chunky body with an undercut slot that hides the hook, making it weedless. Its thin-bodied larger profile makes the RT Slug lighter and more realistic. It also makes it easier to set the hook.

Fish the Exude® RT Slug on an offset hook. Its frantic darting and gliding motion imitates an injured shad. The Exude® formulation delivers a fleshy real feel that tastes natural. Every Exude® RT Slug features a shad profile using Mister Twister®’s exclusive Exude® formulation. It’s the only shad imitation that really releases scents and stimulants, just like a real injured shad.

While it was designed for use in saltwater, the RT Slug is equally effective in freshwater.

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