Exude® D.A.R.T. Designed For Saltwater

exude-d-a-r-t-designed-for-saltwaterMister Twister®’s Exude® D.A.R.T. is a lure designed from the ground up to mimic juvenile bait fish. When rigged with a jighead the D.A.R.T. will “stand up” separating itself from the bottom. This action not only makes the D.A.R.T. easy to see, it also makes it all but irresistible to redfish, trout, snook and flounder.

Ten ribs in the D.A.R.T.’s underside displace water creating a turbulence that kicks up bottom sediment mimicking feeding bait fish. They also increase the D.A.R.T.’s surface area allowing maximum release of ® which creates a scent trail.

The D.A.R.T.’s round solid body gives it additional weight making casting or skipping it a breeze, even against a stiff wind. Although it was designed for saltwater fishing, it is equally effective in fresh water.

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