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Mister Twister Introduces the New 6 ½” Tri-Alive Nightcrawler

Minden, LA – Mister Twister’s new Tri-Alive Nightcrawler is a 6 ½-inch straight tail worm with a slender profile and soft formulation for intense action. Its gliding movement on the fall offers a superior wacky rig presentation. It is excellent for both pre and post spawn conditions.

It comes in 15 three-layer color combinations with unique colors to offer fish something new to see, and eat. 

“All colors in the Tri-Alive Nightcrawler lineup were custom made in combinations that have yet to be offered,” General Manager of Mister Twister, Chuck Byrd said. “The color contrast is a key to more fish whether in clear water or stained water.” mistertwistertrialivenightcrawler

“What really sets this product apart from all others, besides the new color contrast is the very soft plastic formulation,” Byrd said. “Very soft means much more action, slower fall and a more natural gliding action in the water.” 

"You know it's a great worm when you can catch a four-pound, post-spawn bass in 10 feet of water with it,” says Twister Team Member Mike Cork. “Awesome new colors!" 

Fish the 6 ½-inch Tri-Alive Nightcrawler for both pre and post-spawn bass, or when fish are suspended in tight cover. It is exceptional for wacky rigging, Texas rigging, Carolina Rigging, and makes for an outstanding Shakey Head and Drop Shot presentation. Also, a great worm for your walleye harness rigs! 

For additional information contact:
Mister Twister 318.377.8818

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