Mister Twister® Micros Just Like The Real Thing

mister-twister-micros-just-like-the-real-thingMister Twister® calls it “Micro Mania™.” There's the Mister Twister® 1-1/4” Micro Crawfish™, 1-1/8” Micro Shad™ and 1-1/4” Mister Twister® Nymph. These tiny soft plastic delicacies add a new dimension to finesse fishing. They’ll fool the most cautious trout, slab crappie or big bream.

Designed to mimic Mother Nature, Mister Twister® Micros come in carefully selected colors proven to catch trout and panfish.

Rig any of these little lures on a 1/16 or 1/32 oz. jighead and bounce them along the bottom for a perfectly natural presentation. They are equally effective when fished on a single hook.

For additional information contact:
Josh Schwartz
Phone: 715-623-7556

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