Mister Twister® Sassy Shad®... the Deadly Alternative

mister-twister-sassy-shadNo other lure has been tested as extensively as the Mister Twister® Sassy Shad®. It's "Sassy" because of its extreme action. This proven minnow imitator has the ability to turn a slow day into a busy one. It'll soon become your "confidence lure."

The 2½" and 3" Sassy Shad® is often used with a 1/8 oz. or 1/4 oz. jighead. Try a 1/4 oz. or 3/8 oz. jighead with the 4" Sassy Shad®. Any style jighead will work. The Sassy Shad® will always run true if you make sure it's rigged straight with the hook shank, and the Sassy Shad®'s tail is pointing down and away from the point of the hook.

These lures are very effective on rock piles and weedy sunken islands. Fish 10 to 15 foot drop offs that quickly fall to 30 to 40 feet. Position your boat in the deeper water. Cast to the shallow water and retrieve slowly so the Sassy Shad® swims continuously while falling. Be sure to keep a tight line, as most strikes occur while the lure is falling.

While many have tried to duplicate it, the swimming action found in the Sassy Shad® remains one of a kind. Like all great fishing lures, it has been tested and refined on the water. The Sassy Shad® is the perfect lure, and, without question, a great alternative to live bait.

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