Mister Twister® Red Keeper™ Worm Hook

mister-twister-red-keeper-worm-hookWhat's very sharp and all but disappears under water? The Mister Twister® RED Keeper™ Worm Hook.

For years fishermen have known the Mister Twister® Keeper™ Hook is simply the fastest, easiest best all-around method of rigging soft plastic lures.

Mister Twister® continues that tradition with the RED Keeper™ Worm Hook, a hook that is all but invisible to the fish. The principle behind the RED Keeper™ Worm hook is simple but very effective. Because red, under most water conditions is the dominant color, a red hook all but "disappears". Fish see your lure not your hook.

For additional information contact:
Josh Schwartz
Phone: 715-623-7556

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