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2010 - February Testimonials

Bob Gladue – Claremont, New Hampshire

Lure: Top Prop®

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Rock - Bass, Smallmouth - Pickerel - Pike, Northern

I have been using the Top Props for atleast 6-7 years and with the trailer hook removed they are almost weedless , just find the right color and presentation for the day and you will be "hooked" on these lures too.

Robert Pet – Susquehanna River, Maryland

Lure: G-Grub®

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

Finally someone has brought back the Mr. Mean lure. I have had fantastic fishing days with the blue and chartruese G-Grub on the Potomac, Susquehanna, as small lake impoundment. I would like to know if you will be adding the silver coating on one side of the tail like the Mr. Mean lure. The little bit of flash resulted in hellacious hits on the initial drop when I used it years ago.

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