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2011 - October Testimonials

Jerry Casstevens – Claytor Lake, Virginia

Lure: Electric Fisherman™ Fillet Knife

I have been using the electric fisherman knife for over twenty years and it has give me great service. A friend of mine was using another brand and I let him use mine and he bought him a Mister Twister knife also. On the first fish he cleaned with the new knife the trigger fell out broke in two pieces. I let him use mine to finish. I had recomended him to buy the knife so I told him I would call the company to see about getting it fixed. I called and told them the problem and they apoligized and said they would put me a new triger in the mail if I thought I could put it in. I called on a monday and a new trigger was in my mailbox on thursday free of charge. I had someone answer the phone when I called insted of a recording, and I have never been treated better by any company. This is a good company with good customer service to go with it. They can count on my buisness if I ever need another electric knife. I really want to say THANK YOU to the company and the people that make it what it is. Jerry Casstevens

Gary Eckelberry – Wills Creek Dam, Ohio

Lure: 1" Lil' Bit™

While fishing below the Wills Creek dam I caught a 3 lb. saugeye on a charteuse Lil' Bit Spin Combo. The fish hit it just as I was lifting it out of the water. I had another one on that was much bigger but it got off in the rocks closer to shore.Very good fighting fish and very good lure combo.

Sam – Scotts Resivoir, New York

Lure: 5" Comida

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

Comidas are probably the best plastic worm that I have used. It attracts fish like crazy. It is a great lure and I find it better than some of the other brands. I recommend this product to anyone wanting to catch fish no matter what level of fisherman they are!

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