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4" Ringworm SI Salt Infused

4" Ringworm SI Salt Infused

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Small & Salty, the 4" Ringworm Salt Infused is the perfect profile for those tough bites. The Ringworm Salt Infused is a very versatile lure ... Texas rig, Carolina rig, drop shotting, and a killer with an open hook jig head; jigging along weed lines or tight against dock pilings! Available in 16 proven colors, you can expect big results with the Ringworm Salt Infused.


Jeff – Northern Indiana, Indiana

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

Received my Mister Twister 4" Ringworms in the mail today. I immediately rigged one up on a Twister Keeper hook (amazing hook by the way) and went out to my 1 acre pond. Had a hit on the first cast, but it was a short strike and so no hook set. Spent the next half hour catching bass after bass. Probably ended up with 10 or so. These are bass that have been fished hard with lizards and worms, and yet they had no problem attacking this thing. Multiple fish had engulfed the bait…they ended up on supper table. I am supremely confident this bait will work on other bodies of water as well. I suspect largemouth, smallmouth, and even walleye would gobble this thing up. This is a great bait! I ordered 5 packages initially but will likely be buying more soon.

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4" Ringworm SI Salt Infused

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