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4" Tri-Com Sassy Swimmer

4" Tri-Com Sassy Swimmer

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The Mister Twister Tri-Com Color Series Sassy Swimmer features a three-color lamination in the injection process that creates a distinct color variation to better match the bait fish that predator fish are feeding on.

The Mister Twister 4" Tri-Com Sassy Swimmer is a ring style swim bait designed to entice even the most finicky of fish. The soft plastic formulation we use enhances the tail’s swimming action without causing drag when used on a bladed jig, which allows no additional pressure on the blade’s action. The Sassy Swimmer has proved during testing that the Shakey Head, Tokyo Rig and drop shot techniques are all very productive, but this super versatile bait can also be used on a Jighead, weighted belly hook or under a spin Jighead. The Sassy Swimmer also makes for a great trailer application on spinner baits, swim jigs or chatter bait style lures.


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Fish Species

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Smallmouth Bass
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Largemouth Bass
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Rock Bass / Google-Eye
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White Bass
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Northern Pike

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4" Tri-Com Sassy Swimmer

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