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Mag 8" BUZZ Worm

Mag 8" BUZZ Worm

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Yes! We have been keeping this lure in our back pocket waiting for this moment to come! With the great success that we've had in Bass Tournaments with our Mag 12" BUZZ Worm, it is only fitting to have a future Tournament winning worm as part of our 50th Anniversary (1973-2023) here at Mister Twister®.

Mister Twister’s all new Mag 8" BUZZ Worm, is a big bass worm with a tail designed to provide maximum action and vibration while fishing structure. It can be extremely effective at getting bit when you flip the lure into the water and let it fall.


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The Mag 8 BUZZ Worm is perfect for these fish

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Largemouth Bass
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Smallmouth Bass

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Mag 8" BUZZ Worm

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