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2008 - September Testimonials

Derrick Broeckel – Wisconsin Lakes, Wisconsin

Lure: 2" & 4" Double Tail

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth

This bait is my all time favorite jig trailer in the 4" size. This bait is the best jig trailer on the market. It also works fantastic with spinnerbaits. My biggest bass I have ever caught was on a Mepps spinnerbait with a black double tail for a trailer. This trailer seems to outfish pork rinds on a jig especially when a slow fall is needed. I like this bait on swim jigs as well the action you get with a double tail is so much better than the single tail alot of swim jig manufacturing companies package with there baits. The tails seem to push more water than a split double tail which I also use thanks to the larger diameter legs, making this trailer the better choice in dirty water as well.

Derrick Broeckel – Northern Wisconsin Lakes, Wisconsin

Lure: FAT Tube

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth

This is an excellent tube lure for bed fishing bass in spring and also for deep water fishing for bass in summer. I like hot colors like the chartreuse color for bed fishing because it makes detecting strikes easier, when the lure disappears you most likely have a fish. Fish that time of year are more interested in defending there spawning grounds and not feeding, so natural color is less important. In summer I love the FAT Tube on a bite me tube jig head, the lighter the better. Fish this bait around fish cribs in lakes with very little cover and you will be suprised at the amount and bass you catch. Try to located these cribs with your depthfinder and mark them with a marker buoy right away to hold your spot. Use natural colors, my favorite being the watermelon seed color. It seems to match the crawfish color in alot of clear northern natural lakes.

Derrick Broeckel – Northern Wisconsin Lakes, Wisconsin

Lure: 5" Comida

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth

This is my favorite Mister Twister product. It is my best bass bait in my box for bed fishing bass. It takes a long time for this bait to fall, so when fishing deep beds it doesn't hurt to add a little weight to the bait. I like using a nail inserted into the back end of the lure. This makes the bait fall backwards, something bass don't see too often. This is also a great change up bait in summer when fishing topwater frogs in shallow weeds. If a bass misses I pick up a rod rigged with a weedless comida and throw into the hole made by the bass in the grass mats. The slow fall is deadly to any unexpecting bass, this is a situation that you do not want to weight this lure, the salt content is high enough that you don't need any extra weight. Another overlooked tactic is to fish this lure on a mushroom jighead in deep water, head size being as light as possible, I like 3/32 oz. Fishing structure with this bait is deadly, bass don't see alot of this kind of bait in deep water.

Randy Harris – Atlantic Beach , North Carolina

Lure: Saltwater Jigheads

I used these jigheads for the first time catching huge flounder around dock pilings and walls,using live finger mullet or Exude Darts in mullet color I caught several flounder four pounds and up,the jighead hooks sharpness really stuck in and held good,I cannot wait to use the jigjeads around the area when the big speckled trout fire up this fall !

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