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Saltwater Jigheads

Saltwater Jigheads

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Saltwater Jigheads - Finally there is a saltwater jighead that works perfectly with Exude® lures. All three colors availabe in 1/8 oz., 3/16 oz., 1/4 oz. sizes. All of these jigheads feature a strong stainless steel hook for maximum corrosion resistance. In addition, three "ribs" hold your lure securely in place under almost any fishing condition. Each size is engineered with an enhanced swimming action, and all feature a large prism eye for maximum attraction.


Carl Dieter – Southeastern, Ohio

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

The 1/4 oz. black finish was the ticket. I put on a 4" creature bait behind it and "swam" it in stopping occasionally. The third stop is when it went limp. I set the hook hard having braid and a medium heavy 6 1/2 foot rod. My prize was an over four pound largemouth bas. This is a quality piece of equipment and it's an excellent jighead to add to your existing equipment.
Thanks for listening.

Randy Harris – Atlantic Beach , North Carolina

I used these jigheads for the first time catching huge flounder around dock pilings and walls,using live finger mullet or Exude Darts in mullet color I caught several flounder four pounds and up,the jighead hooks sharpness really stuck in and held good,I cannot wait to use the jigjeads around the area when the big speckled trout fire up this fall !

Mike Mills – Nacogdoches, Texas

Fish Caught: Redfish

This is the most weedless saltwater jig that I have ever used. Hooks fish very well too, most of the fish, trout or redfish that I catch using this jig head are hooked very solidly.
Sheds saltwater grasses like crazy and hooks fish too.

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Saltwater Jigheads

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