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2009 - April Testimonials

John – Sarasota/Bays And Flats, Florida

Lure: Exude™ 4¼" D.A.R.T.

Fish Caught: Redfish - Trout, Sea/Speckled - Snook

The Exude Dart is our Redfish Tournament teams "Go-To" bait. The dart can be worked either weedless or on a weighted jighead and worked in various retrieve patterns. This bait has produced when other bait (even stink baits) have failed. We have won over $100,000.00 using this bait in only two seasons. Thanks Exude for the "Dart".

Shane Lather – Beaufort River, SC, South Carolina

Lure: Exude™ 5" RT Slug

Fish Caught: Redfish

I caught my first tournament weighing fishing on the mangrove red Saltwater RT Slug. I have tried all the other products on the market and really like the Exude product. You have a new satisfied client. Thanks!!!

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