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Top Prop® Testimonials

Bigbill – Northeast, Connecticut

Lure: Top Prop®

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Pickerel

You can fish this bait by reeling it slow at a steady speed or do a 1-2-3 rip n pause. When on the pause it will almost go vertical this is a great postition for topwater strikes. This is one of my best topwater baits in the weeds, over submerged weeds or in the pads.

Rick – Any Chain Pickerel Or Northern Pike Lake, Alberta , Canada

Lure: Top Prop®

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

This is one of the best lures I have found for northern pike or eastern chain pickerel. It casts extremely well and fish will come from 10 or even 15 feet away to smash it. Awesome bait!

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