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Testimonials By Product Used

6" Phenom® Worm (1)BigySmal Crankbaits (1)BUZZ Bug (1)Comida (1)Curly Tail® Grubs (30)Double & Split Double Tails (3)Electric Fisherman™ (4)Exude™ / Exude™ Saltwater Lures (30)EZ-ScaleR™ (6)Flip'n OUT™ (1)Floating Jigheads (2)G-Grub® & Sassy Grub® (26)Hawg Frawg® (6)Jerk Rat™ (1)Jig Spinners (2)Lightnin' Bug™ (1)Lure Kit - 2-1/2 inch Sassy Shad® (2)Lure Kit - Curly Tail® Lure (1)Lure Kit - Mini Tube (1)Lures (30)Mag 12 BUZZ Worm (2)Magnum SinSation (1)Main Mister Twister® Product Root (16)Micro Mania™ (11)Mister Mino™ (4)Mister Shad (1)Mister Twister® with Salt Lures (20)Poc'it® Phenom® (1)Saltwater Jigheads (3)Sassy Shad® (3)Shear Magic (1)Steelhead and Trout Jig (3)SwimSation (1)Top Prop® (2)TwisterMite (4)VIE Shiner™ (3)

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