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Utah Testimonials

Phil – Washington County, Utah

Lure: 3½" & 4½" Platinum Curly Tail®

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

Thank you Mister Twister for your products.

I have been an avid fisherman for more than 40 yrs.
Zoom products have always been my soft bait lures. I can't say enough about my success with their products.

I have recently been using Mister Twister grub lures for about six months and I'm impressed with the results.
The Platinum curly tails are now my go to lure for bass. They hold up well and they float. I can now retrieve my lure when the bass fling them off of the hook. So far they are outproducing all my other lures.

I will be trying out Mister Twisters trout lures this winter in lakes, streams and resevours.

Thanks again, Phil South Utah waterways

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