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California Testimonials

Brandon Turner – Orangevale, California

Lure: 6" Phenom® Worm

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

This worm started it all for me and it's still not finished. I was 14 years old when a fellow fisherman I met on a farm pond gave me 2 of these worms to try. It was the first time I used soft baits and after 26 years I am still using them. After all this time I've learned that you don't need a massive arsenal of different fishing lures because a select few of the right ones, including the 6" Phenom Worm will do the job. Thank you for the success Mister Twister!

Matt Pastell – Trout Lake, California

Lure: 4" & 6" Twister® Tail

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I chose the 4" Twister Tail grub in the new color smoke with purple flake to fish for largemouth bass early in the season when the water was cool. Opening weekend it was the most productive lure, catching largemouth bass from 12 1/2 to 18 1/2 inches. Now I am really glad that I bought 200 of these grubs. I may not use them all this year, since are very durable, yet remaining soft and pliable.

Mike Oshann – Southern .ca, California

Lure: 2" & 4" Double Tail

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

Ive tried many plastics on spinnerbaits and buzzbaits since the early 1980`s. Ive found nothing i like as much as the Mister Twister 6" grub.I`m now using the double tail on swim jigs. Great products.

Jeff – Souther California, California

Lure: 4" & 6" Twister® Tail

Fish Caught: Bluegill (Bream, Brim)

One of my all time favorite lures, never have I ever used anything that has produced quite as good as the Twister Tail. I killed the panfish as a kid and now I am teaching my kids to do the same.

Ali Poursafar – San Francisco, California

Lure: 6" Phenom® Worm

Fish Caught: Bass, Striped

I have been fishing for striped bass every spring and summer since I was 10( I am now 25). I noticed that the Mr.Twister phenom worm by FAR out produced any other worm trailer I had ever used. These are the best worm tails on the market especially when it comes to using them as trailers for striped bass !


Joseph Rizzo – San Francisco, California

Lure: 6" Phenom® Worm

Smoke pepper Mister Twister Tail I have found work the best in clear water lakes. I have been useing this worm for all of my bass fishing techniques. Nothing comes even close to the Phenom Worm. I am talking about a worm that produces multiple hits untill it is not able to be used anymore.

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