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6" Phenom® Worm

6" Phenom® Worm

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Often copied but never duplicated… the original Curly Tail® action in a full bodied 6" worm. First and still the best. Its life-like design proves irresistible.


Brandon Turner – Orangevale, California

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

This worm started it all for me and it's still not finished. I was 14 years old when a fellow fisherman I met on a farm pond gave me 2 of these worms to try. It was the first time I used soft baits and after 26 years I am still using them. After all this time I've learned that you don't need a massive arsenal of different fishing lures because a select few of the right ones, including the 6" Phenom Worm will do the job. Thank you for the success Mister Twister!

Ron Keller – Pocomoke River, Maryland

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

Back in the 70's I was heavy into Bass fishing small impoundments on the farm. the black/ chartreuse was my favorite rigged on #1 keeper hook. I have recently returned to my roots of Bass fishing( several yrs spent offshore and salt water fishing)I just purchased all new sets of Mister Twister 6" phenom worm along with #1 keeper hooks. two weeks ago I found an old tackle box with the last of set up I used over 30 yrs ago and I tore up the bass for an hour before the lure gave up on me. I can't wait for this order to arrive!!

Todd Keaton – Roanoke, Virginia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I have been using these worms for over 30 years. This is the only worm that will NOT twist your line when rigged with a straight shanked hook. I have tried other copies and molded my own like this and there's just something about the original that none can copy! Even helps if you boil them in water for about 30 seconds to soften them up and lay them straight to cool. Then put them in a box straight so they have the best action and no line twist. Best used with 2/0 hooks.

Caitlin Berchtold – Clayton, Delaware

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Almost Any Species

I've always used these lures, I even questioned an employee at Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday on why they no longer carry them. The other night some of the neighborhood boys were teasing me for using a rubber worm but a few minutes later I reeled in a 4lb largemouth bass which beat their 1/3 lb largemouth bass that they caught on a bobber with a minnow. Even a few nights ago I was fishing with one of these and the bass were going crazy for them, but not for what my 3 friends were throwing. I was the only one who brought in any fish that night. I absolutely love these lures and won't fish with anything else. I even just sent some to my boyfriend in the mail because he was asking me how I was always catching more fish than other people.

As a Fisheries Management major, as well as someone who works at an aquaculture facility, I endorse these lures 100%.

David – Houston, Texas

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I've used this work since the late 1980s. You will catch fish with these worms. Mister Twister used to be available in southeast Texas at Academy. They haven't been for a while.

I'm glad I can get them directly from Mister Twister. Otherwise I'd have to give up fishing and go back to hunting.

Jim Turner – State Lakes In Northern Kentucky, Kentucky

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

For over 35 years now I have been using the 6 inch phenom worms made by mister twister. I cannot tell you how well these worms have worked for me over the years. I can remember when I could order 100 pack of them. I just wanted to let you know that I still use them today! Keep making them please!

Joshua Murrow – Kansas, Kansas

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I have used this worm for many years. It has proven me success texas riged weightlesss texas riged even as a spinnerbait trailer back years ago when the only trailers were worms and grubs. Deffinatly a staple in my worm box.

Martin Denham – Lake Weatherford, Texas

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

Fishing with a friend ,when he hooked and lost a seven pound bass.I immediatly threw a purple white tail Phenom at the swirl promptly catching this fish. I have used Mister Twister since I began fishing over 35 years ago,and will continue to be my choice in plastics.

Ali Poursafar – San Francisco, California

Fish Caught: Bass, Striped

I have been fishing for striped bass every spring and summer since I was 10( I am now 25). I noticed that the Mr.Twister phenom worm by FAR out produced any other worm trailer I had ever used. These are the best worm tails on the market especially when it comes to using them as trailers for striped bass !


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6" Phenom® Worm

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