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Double & Split Double Tails Testimonials

Robbie Kile – Texas,Any Lake Pond Creek Or River, Texas

Lure: 2" & 4" Double Tail

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Rock - Bass, Striped - Bass, White - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Catfish, Channel - Crappie (Black) - Crappie (White) - Sunfish (shellcracker) - Catfish, Flathead

The 2inch Black Double Tail on a simple jig head worked fast like a frog or slow to mimic a crawfish is a great lure for all seasons.The green pumpkin is also a great choice.Its the first lure of my choices to tie on.

Keith Geisen – Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Lure: 4" Split Double Tail

The Mister Twister split tails have worked so good with a yellow jig 3/8 oz, fishing around 15 feet. We caught all types of fish. The action was just crazy because the wife is looking at Mother Nature (Birds / Ducks / the homes on the lake etc. Not paying attention to the line or how deep she was at ! One fish after another - She finally started watching after the 30in Pike and several minutes of fighting.......... We haven't stopped going fishing for the last 4 days! We started tipping the hook with a small piece of night crawler........... We have no reason for any other lures ! !!

Nick – Central Lake, Ontario , Canada

Lure: 4" Split Double Tail

Fish Caught: Walleye

A few years back, I went on a Fly-in fishing trip to Big Hook Lodge in Ontario. I was a little kid, only a 6th grader. I fell in love with the Mister Twister Split Double Tail. Every cast I got a hit, if not landing a fish in the boat. This is a compliment to both Mister Twister and Big Hook Lodge. I caught a 26" Walleye, 14" Perch and a 38 1/2" Northern Pike. I've caught more fish on this lure, than any other lure that I've ever fished with. if the Fishing slows down. I toss on a Split Double Tail and a 1/4 Oz. Jig Head, it catches any Freshwater predatory fish that you can dream of.

Thanks, Mister Twister!

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