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Mister Twister® Piranha™ Testimonials

David Sawyer – Lake Ontario, Onedia Lake, New York

Lure: Mister Twister® Piranha™ Fillet Knife

Fish Caught: Crappie (Black) - Perch, Yellow

My wife bought a mister twister electric knife because i used a friends knife and loved it. I was off to a shaky start start because the knife i received had a blade that was damaged, my friends comment was " it could only happen to you". When i called the company i explained my situation of buy it online. she was the most pleasant woman from Louisiana who seamed to know her fish sent me a new blade in the mail. I caught a pail of yellow perch the next week and i was able to put the most beautiful filets in the freezer and in record tine. The knife was sharp and very easy to control " Im Hooked "and i know i can beat my friend in a Fileting contest . Thank You Mister Twister and Mystery Woman

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