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2¾" TwisterMite

2¾" TwisterMite

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Fishing the Mister Twister® TwisterMite - The Mister Twister TwisterMite is a perfect copy of a hellgrammite. It’s 2 3/4 inches long and is the ideal soft plastic lure for trout, crappie, smallmouth and panfish. Rig it with a Mister Twister® jighead or fish it as a drop shot lure. Work it in and around structure. It’s also great for Carolina rigging. Great color selection.


J. J. Savalle – Crystal Lake, Michigan

Fish Caught: Bass, Rock - Bass, Smallmouth

Fished as a drop shot, the rock bass totally swarm on this helgy bait. On a 1/8 oz ned head the smallies slurp it up when bouncing it along the drop off. It's a very clear lake so the natural color (no flake) seems to edge out the other colors.

Christopher Johnson – Mitchell River, Dobson, North Carolina

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

Outstanding bait for when the bite is tough, it's unscented so legal for trout streams in NC, try one when it seems like the usual stuff won't work.I fished it on a Ned Rig and had 5 back to back when a worm and hair jig wouldn't work.

Jonathan Jarrell – Private Pond, Georgia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I was raised believing live bait was the only way to fish. As I grew older, however, I learned about plastic lures. Mister Twister was my go-to for lures and supplies. I recently ordered some lures from Mister Twister, including the TwisterMite. Once out on the pond I decided to try the TwisterMite and, BAM, two largemouth bass one right after the other. I have never had that kind of performance out of other generic brands. Thank you, Mister Twister, for providing fishermen like me an amazing resource for successful lures!

John Sheehan – Cupsaw Lake , New Jersey

Fish Caught: Perch, Yellow

Using the natural color Twister Mite ,I have had success with Yellow Perch . I use a red Floating Jighead ,# 4 hook and a split shot 8" to a foot away from the hook .Works good .

Robert – Small Creek, New York

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth

I fished through pools and caught fish on the meeny twister and when they would stop biting I would cast in a twistermite on a short dropshot and continue to catch fish. Other times, when I would get no bites with horizontal lures, the twistermite on a dropshot would get 4-5 fish from areas I thought were devoid of fish. An excellent design with a tough head that can withstand multiple fish.

Mike Gena – Juniata River, Pennsylvania

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth

I purchased the Twistermite last year but never used them. I decided to go fishing on the first warm day after a hard winter and was not getting anything on spinners. I decided to try the Twistermite out and to my surprise I caught and released over 15 small mouths that afternoon with the largest going around 18 inches. I will put this next to my other favorite mister twister lure which is the phenom worm.

Steve J Burress – Washington

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth

I have used the TwisterMite in bass tournaments for the past couple of seasons and found them to work very well in a couple of circumstances.

I use the TwisterMite as a split shot rig. When fish get tight lipped, rig a TwisterMite on a Finesse style hook ( I use the Gamakatsu Extra-Wide Gap Finesse) either with or without a weedguard. Place a split shot on your line about a foot above the bait and then shake it. Adjust the distance of the split shot for the desired action.

The other way is on a drop shot rig. Depending on the bottom composition, adjust your bait so it is up where the fish can see it. Another similar way to fish a TwisterMite is above a jig worked along the bottom.

Drop me a note with your success story.

Steve J Burress
Mister Twister Washington State Pro Staff

Jeff W. Holloway – Monroe, Louisiana

Fish Caught: Crappie

My partner and I were fishing the Crappie USA tournament on Lake D'arbonne. It had come a frog choker then the fog had set in, then just at daylight another soaker. I had just picked up several packs of TwisterMites from The Old Bait Store in Monroe. We were catching fish but wanted some kickers. We each put on a TwisterMite and before we could count to ten we each had a nice slab. We qualified for the regional, it was my 4th trip and his first. I am sure glad Kenny had this product. It just goes to show you big baits can big fish.

Jeff W. Holloway
Bayou D'arbonne Guide Service
Monroe, Louisiana

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