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2009 - November Testimonials

Roland Gonzalez – All Over Florida And Texas, Florida

Lure: Keeper™ Worm Hooks

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Pickerel

I have tried many styles of keeper hooks, these by far are the best!!! No doubt about it if you are fishing with worms or most soft plastic baits these are the hooks to use.I only wish Walmart would start carrying them here in Florida.

Alan – Miami, Florida

Lure: Exude™ 3¾" Shrimp

Fish Caught: Snook

These shrimp lures never stop amazing me, I love them more then any other lure. If I had to be stuck fishing one type of lure for the rest of my life the exude shrimp in natural, and golden bream would be it. I fish out of Biscayne Bay and Flamingo area. Ive used this lure for the past 7 years in these areas and out of a three day fishing in Biscayne bay I caught 12 snook the first day the 2nd caught 7 HUGE snooks, and the 3rd caught 4 keeper snook and 2 tarpon! dont ever stop making this lure PLEASE and stay with the natural and golden bream colors!

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