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Minnesota Testimonials

Ian Anderson – Minnesota

Lure: 3" Meeny™

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Walleye

I always have an assortment of colors with me and I always tie one on sometime during the day because I consistently get bites.

Patrick Olheiser – Lake Ann, Minnesota

Lure: 5" FAT Curly Tail®

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Pike, Northern

Paired with Lethal Weapon swim jig as a trailer best lure out there.

James Loyd – Melrose, Minnesota

Lure: Electric Fisherman™ Fillet Knife

Fish Caught: Almost Any Species

Just wanted to let anyone that wants to listen what I think about Mister Twister fillet knives. First of all, I have used one of there knives for a very long time. (maybe 20 years) I recently bought another on because I had basically wore my last one out. Nothing last forever. I brought some walleyes home from the days fishing trip and opened up my new knife. I put in the blades, and started to fillet the first fish. I realized there was something very wrong. Somewhat disappointed, I called the phone number provided in the package the knife came in. I spoke with a very customer focused young lady named Lisa. She instructed me to send in the knife, and told me she would send it back in a carry case to make up for my shipping. To my surprise, a package showed up at my door less than a week after I had sent it. I opened the package. The knife, and the carry case was inside along with an explanation of what they had done to the knife. That was a week ago. I went fishing yesterday, and brought home a few walleyes. I pulled the knife out, and it preformed perfectly. Thanks again Lisa, and Mister Twister for not only make a superior electric knife, but for the excellent customer service. James, Melrose MN.

Keith Geisen – Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Lure: 4" Split Double Tail

The Mister Twister split tails have worked so good with a yellow jig 3/8 oz, fishing around 15 feet. We caught all types of fish. The action was just crazy because the wife is looking at Mother Nature (Birds / Ducks / the homes on the lake etc. Not paying attention to the line or how deep she was at ! One fish after another - She finally started watching after the 30in Pike and several minutes of fighting.......... We haven't stopped going fishing for the last 4 days! We started tipping the hook with a small piece of night crawler........... We have no reason for any other lures ! !!

Jim Griffin – Minnesota

Lure: 3" Meeny™

I have been a longtime user of Mister Twister 3-inch Meeny Curly Tails (I have always referred to them as "Twister Tails"). I have purchased these over the years from retail outlets such as Fleet Farm Stores, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, etc. To keep this short (well, "shorter" anyway), I have always been very impressed with the product, and have caught many, many, many fish of various kinds using them. So much so that in recent years, they have become my "go to" lures. Great Job!!

Recently I had occasion to contact the Mister Twister company itself, looking for a particular Twister Tail color combination that I had not seen in the stores for years.

Today I wish to tell you what a great customer service experience that was, and to encourage you with the end result. My inquiry ended up on the desk of Leisa Carender, and she responded to me not only quickly and effciently but also with personal interest, personality, and charm. On a scale of 1 to 10, her performance was somewhere around a 15. Not only did she find what I was looking for, which was unexpected and would have been fantastic all by itself, but she gave me the extra details that empowered me to accomplish my objectives and encouraged me to consider buying other Mister Twister products as well. She has the unique insight to understand that the fishing experience begins long before a person actually hits the lake and continues years after with stories of fish caught or lost - true and exaggerated. Finding and buying fishing gear is in the same category of "having fun" as the fishing itself - and the actual fishing almost never lives up to the expectations we dream up in our easy chairs. Leisa went the extra mile and combined my online order with my special request item, and BINGO, I had one order with all my products on it. A person like Leisa, with those kinds of insights and interpersonal skills, is a great person to have representing your fishing products.

The end result: based on this experience with your customer service team, in this case Leisa, and the high quality and successful usage of the 3-inch meeny curly tail over the years, I thought "why not?". I set up an account on your website, and proceeded to look at your product line. I found a wide variety of jigheads, a product that I already use (and lose) virtually all the time and ordered a healthy supply of those on the spot - even though I was not in short supply of any of them at the moment. I just wanted to see if the jigheads are of the same superior quality as those classic "twister tails". I am sure I will not be disappointed. Your website was clear, concise and easy to use. I also found a number of other products that I will be trying soon. You have me as a new online customer, and I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Thank you, Leisa, for a great fishing gear buying experience and acquainting me with the product world at Mister Twister. Congrats to the management of the customer service function at Mister Twister for putting the right people with the right skills in the right positions to effectively represent Mister Twister to the fishing public.

Ed Kovach – Lake Of The Woods, Minnesota

Lure: Blades

Fish Caught: Walleye

For over 2 years I have used the Mister Twister Fillet Knife with terrific results. I can honestly say we have fillet'ed over 300 fish and the blades are still being put to use.

Logan – Lino Lakes, Minnesota

Lure: Mister Shad

Fish Caught: Walleye

The 3 1/2" mister shad has worked wonders for me this fall. Slow trolling it or casting on breaks in 9-16 ft of water has really pulled in a large number of eyes. This years weather has the walleye acting strange and more than a few fisherman have been calling this the "slowest year in some time" up here in NW Wisconsin. Not for me it hasn't been slow. As a matter of fact, It's been down right ferocious. These walleyes have really keyed in on this bait and I couldn't be happier about that.

Hot color up here has been the Perch rigged with a red 3/8 jig head.

Logan Gotwald

Austin – Devils Lake, Minnesota

Lure: Super Top Prop®

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

Biggest Largemouth Bass I ever caught was on a Super Top Prop, I was originally fishing for a big Muskie that day but pulled out quite a lunker. It helped I was able to throw it through weeds without worrying about a mess on my hooks. Thanks Mister Twister

Cory D. Mickelson – Pomme De Terre, Minnesota

Lure: Electric Fisherman™ Fillet Knife

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Crappie (Black) - Crappie (White) - Perch, Yellow - Pickerel - Pike, Northern - Walleye

It was the Minnesota Opener ,fishin was slow on our lake but managed to get one.My 16 yr. old duaghter asked if she could clean it, of course I said sure! We were ready to start but the Electric Fisherman just couldnt do it,I guess after 10 yrs or so it finally gave out, it had cleaned many many fish....we then had no choice but to use the ol' rapala,and to make a long story short my daughter informed me she was not cleaning fish for me again till I got a new Mister Twister Electric Fisherman, thanks for a great product! Cory Mickelson

Barton – Bemidji Lake, Minnesota

Lure: G-Grub®

Fish Caught: Crappie (Black) - Crappie (White) - Pike, Northern

I caught 3 crappie and 2 northern pike on a pumpkin/orange & black flake "crawfish" .Great Bait!!!!

RonW – Mid, Minnesota, Minnesota

Lure: Shear Magic

This is the slickest thing I've seen in a long time. I fish in many weedchoked areas where weeds grow to the surface and are THICK. I'm amazed at how I can now go through this junk and keep right on going. I've used it for over a year and I can honestly say I have done away with cleaning weeds off my Minnkota Max74. Great Product!!

Jim F – Buffalo, Minnesota

Lure: 5" Comida

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I switched from Senkos to Mister Twister Exude Comida - same action, more durable, and scented to boot. I boated 26 largemouth in one outing fishing Comida Texas-rigged weightless. They're for real!

Peter Laegreid – Hastings, Minnesota

Lure: Keeper™ Worm Hooks

Best worm hook I've ever used. No balling or tearing, and the worm tracks straight and true. It's also alot easier to use than offset hooks. Good stuff.

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