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Louisiana Testimonials

Ken Harper MD – Toledo Bend, Louisiana

Lure: 2 1/4" Sassy Stingum

Fish Caught: Crappie (Black) - Crappie (White)

This is a very durable bait. Caught 14 crappie before I needed to change my bait.

Joe Carpenter – Quitman, Louisiana

Lure: 5" Comida

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

This is by far the most versatile luers I've ever used I don't know how many bass I've caught on it over 4 lbs. It's great around docks,grass,brush,Cypress trees it works everywhere. It's become my all around go to pladtic!

Winston Michel – Atchafalaya Basin / Pierre Part, Louisiana

Lure: Jerk Rat™

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

This is an oldie but goodie. Used this bait many years ago and hated to see it go, but now it's back!!! It's one of the best soft jerk baits out there for bass. Works great over grass or duck seed or in just open water. Grab you a pack and you won't be disappointed.

SANDY GAUDET – Belle Rose, Louisiana

Lure: 4" Flip'n OUT™

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I have been using Mister Twister Products for quite awhile now! They have all been productive for me in my tournaments around the country!The NEW Flip'n Out can be used Texas rigged or for punching matted grass. If you are just thinking about using Mister Twister Prouducts YOU ARE MISSING OUT on catching FISH!!!!GO get some.


Lure: 3½" Poc'it® Craw

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth


Capt. Sean O'Connell – Venice/Delacroiox , Louisiana

Lure: Exude™ 3¾" Shrimp

Fish Caught: Redfish

The Mister Twister Exude Shrimp and Mister Twister Fantail Shrimp are two of the finest redfishg baits on the market today. Sight casting, blind jigging, or popin corking these baits flat out CATCHEM UP!
As a professional refish angler I use whatever will give me a competitive advantage and these baits do just that!
Even finicky fish that have been getting pounded on can't resist and Mister Twister Exude bait. These baits played a crucial role in a Repeat of the Louisiana Salt Water Series Team of the Year 2012 and 2010. Finished top 5 in IFA series and Ht Redfish Cup. The results say it all! Great baits thank you Mister Twister for your exceptional quality and consistent results!

Capt. Sean O'Connell
The Shallow Water Assassin

Winston Michel – Atchafalaya Basin, Pierre Part, Louisiana

Lure: 3½" Poc'it® Craw

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I have been using these baits for a couple of months now and they are great. I have fished several different baits in this style and the bass seem to prefer the poc it craw. The bubbles these baits produce evidently make a difference. These baits will definitely be part of my arsenal this year on the tournament trail.

Capt. Sean O'Connell – Delacroix, Louisiana

Lure: Exude™ 2½" Fan Tail Shrimp

Fish Caught: Redfish

This bait is a great sight casting and popping cork bait for Redfish and Speckle trout! It makes the finickiest of fish eat.
It was a key role player in My partner and I winning the Ht Series Redfish cup 2012 Chalemette event.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Sean O'Connell

Joe Watts – Private Pond, Louisiana

Lure: EZ-ScaleR™

My grandsons caught about 60 bream on an outing. Naturally they wanted to keep every last one. Me I'm thinking, "Now I have to clean all of these." A friend of mine had told me about the new E-Z ScaleR he had bought, so I borrowed his to try it out.
I will have to say this is just about the best thing since sliced bread. If you fish and do not have one you are nuts. It is absolutely the greatest thing to come along in years. Nothing and I mean nothing compares to the speed and ease of this thing. Now I know what I am getting for my birthday this year.
Now if they just had something this easy for those catfish they caught.

Raymond – South Louisiana, Louisiana

Lure: EZ-ScaleR™

Just used my EZ-ScaleR for the first time. This thing is great! I may never fillet again! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves to catch panfish.

A.C. Harper – Bundicts Creek & Other Small Creeks, Louisiana

Lure: Sassy Shad®

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth

Several years ago, I found a Sassy Shad with a Mister Tail on it, its great for creeks, bass hit it like crazy! Please advise if I could get some more, its a good bait.

Thanks, A.C.

John – Louisiana

Lure: G-Grub®

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth - Walleye

The G Grub was fished late last year at Broken Bow OK. This is deep pool lake with major drop offs. Fishing rocky side of drop offs, using G Grub and a carolina rig, the lure proved deadly for Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Walleye. Excellent vibration and action....looks like a combination between a grub and a leech. Great new design for a proven old winner.

Bigmanbassin – Louisiana

Lure: 6" Phenom® Worm

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I have used Mister Twister 6" Curly Tails color: purple with white tail for years. I can honestly state that I have caught more bass on this worm than any other plastic lure I have used. Bass just love them. I normally throw this worm using a size: 2.0 offset hook with an 1/8 oz bullet weight rigged Texas stype. Just throw this worm in and around brush or fallen trees and hold on Mister Twister. Try these worms sometime you'll be glad you did.

New Orleans, La.

jon blunt – bossier city, Louisiana

Lure: Prop Series

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I have used the Mister Twister Top Prop many times in the past, yet I did not know what it was called. When I lost my black with white strips Top Prop, to god only knows what, I went on the look for a new one, but, it was a gift from my dad and I could not find them any where I looked. I got the catalog now I am ordering more then one! This is the best spinner that I have found for largemouth bass in the northwest of the Sportsmans Paradise, so if you are going to go fishing for largemouth bass you, need to get you some of these they'll make the whole fight better.

Jeff W. Holloway – Monroe, Louisiana

Lure: 2¾" TwisterMite

Fish Caught: Crappie

My partner and I were fishing the Crappie USA tournament on Lake D'arbonne. It had come a frog choker then the fog had set in, then just at daylight another soaker. I had just picked up several packs of TwisterMites from The Old Bait Store in Monroe. We were catching fish but wanted some kickers. We each put on a TwisterMite and before we could count to ten we each had a nice slab. We qualified for the regional, it was my 4th trip and his first. I am sure glad Kenny had this product. It just goes to show you big baits can big fish.

Jeff W. Holloway
Bayou D'arbonne Guide Service
Monroe, Louisiana

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